The Time has Come To Order.

One of our knowledgeable dealers has provided you with valuable advice and assistance, and you have educated yourself on all there is to know about cabinetry. You have determined your budget and needs, solidified your cabinetry components and design, and found qualified tradespeople to complete the work. With confidence and excitement, you are ready to go forward with the project!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Final measure – A qualified professional – either your designer or installer – will conduct a final measure of your space for accuracy. Precise measuring ensures your finalized design will be accurate and your installation will run smoothly.
  • Final review of floor plan and details – Your design professional will walk you through the final floor plan and elevations to discuss how your cabinets will fit into your space. Minute details, unique to your project, should be recorded on your design. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of anything, and double check all measurement specifications and jobsite information. This is your final opportunity to ensure all elements are accurate and provide the proper functionality and design you desire.
  • Signing of important documents and placing a deposit – Your design professional will have you sign the final drawings and specifications to signify your approval of them. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of all ordering documents, since you will need to refer to them as your project progresses. Your deposit will also be collected at this time.
  • The order is placed – Your final cabinetry order will be submitted by your design professional for processing.
  • Lead time provided – Your design professional will contact you after the order is confirmed, to inform you of the expected arrival date of your beautiful cabinetry – this is an exciting day!
  • Ready your space – As your cabinetry’s completion date approaches, take time to prepare your space for the upcoming installation. Please refer to “Preparing Your Space” for our helpful tips.

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Merit Kitchens cabinetry is available exclusively through authorized dealers. Each dealer, and its showroom, is independently owned and operated.

Merit Kitchens shall not be liable for their design, installation or any claims and losses arising out of such.