Get Ready to Prepare Your Space.

You have been dreaming and wishing, planning and selecting. You wait with nervous anticipation of your project’s commencement. Renovation can cause some upheaval in your home, but the process need not be exceedingly stressful or inconvenient for you. Adequately readying your space prior to your cabinetry’s arrival can minimize the impact your renovation has on you and your home.

It’s an unavoidable fact that demolition and cabinetry installation is dusty and dirty. Isolating the room undergoing renovation will help keep any unwanted debris from escaping into the rest of your home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Remove as many items as possible from the room where cabinets are being installed. Kitchen appliances, furniture, toiletries and any other objects that can be removed, should be relocated. Store them in a safe place away from the renovations.
  • Seal off the room(s) being renovated using plastic sheets secured with masking tape or painters’ tape, over the doorways and openings. You will not be able keep all dust and debris within the construction area, but the better barrier you create, the cleaner the rest of your house will remain.
  • Seal vents that are on the same floor as the renovation.
  • In any adjoining rooms not separated by doors, cover furniture, bookcases and wall hangings with either blankets or plastic tarps.
  • Ensure any appliances included in the final design are on site well before the installation commences.

Following these basic tips protects your home and belongings from the mess of renovation and allows tradespeople to work in a clear environment with ease. You can feel confident you are ready for the installation to begin!

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