How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Better?

Transform your kitchen into a new and elegant display of beauty


The appearance of your kitchen shouldn’t be taken for granted. It may be the primary gathering area for friends and family, and it’s important that the design reflects your style. When asking yourself, “How do I make my kitchen look better?” you’ll need to consider several factors.

You’ll need to discover a kitchen theme that speaks to you. Are you fond of a modern design, or are you looking for more of a traditional look? What type of materials suit your style? Does a wood finish coincide with your home’s decor, or do you prefer a painted material? A new coat of paint or changing your cabinet door handles for minor improvement can go a long way, but should you be aiming for a more significant change, then the diverse team of experts at Merit Kitchens can bring your kitchen idea to life.

One of the most important steps to improving the look of your kitchen is being able to put a label to your preferred design style. Do you prefer a contemporary look, or would a global style be a better fit for you and your family?

To help you hone in on the style that right for you, and your kitchen, here is a quick overview of some of the major design styles you should consider when thinking about how to make your kitchen look better.

Contemporary design features straight lines and clean angles. Gentle waves or arcs are used sparingly to add interest. The surfaces are smooth and flat – slab door are often used for their simplicity. Cabinet doors are made of wood, painted materials, laminate, thermofoil, or frosted glass and aluminum with a neutral color palate sometimes punctuated with bold color.

Smooth surfaces, akin to fine furniture, are hallmarks of traditional design. Rounded design elements challenge clean lines. The color palette evokes comfort and elegance – either rich and warm or fresh and clean. Cabinet doors are made of wood and painted materials with flat panel or raised panel door styles that add character to a traditional space.

With a blend of traditional and contemporary features, transitional design creates a diverse, yet balanced space. Rounded profiles are juxtaposed against clean lines. Slab and flat panel door styles can be used, on their own or combined, to create heightened visual interest. A wide selection of door material can be used, including wood, painted material, laminate, thermofoil or metal.

Blending the comfort of traditional style with contemporary trends, modern country features clean lines and simple shapes that are punctuated by natural or aged elements. Smooth surfaces are combined with natural materials such as stone, aged elements and wood to lend an added element of comfort. In terms of colour, earthy neutrals, off whites, and warm greys are highlighted by subdued pops of color. Angular hardware, geometric patterns and reclaimed materials can also be found within the modern country style.

Celebrated for its “in-your-face” style statement and use of bold and dramatic pieces, luxe’s design style rests upon the central concepts of glamor, sparkle and drama. Flat panel, raised panel and slab doors can all be used successfully with materials ranging from wood and painted to laminate and thermofoil.

Drawing its inspiration from the colors, patterns and styles of the world, global design is a blend of many cultures. From the fabrics of India to Mexico’s painted pottery and the extravagance of French Baroque, creativity and fusion are the operative words for this eclectic design style.

Merit Kitchens has many styles of kitchen cabinets to choose from. Finding the perfect look for your kitchen should be an exciting experience, not an ordeal. When you choose Merit Kitchens to assist you in making your kitchen look better, you can expect the support you’ll need.

Merit Kitchens has been creating new and stunning kitchen designs since 1971

One of our goals has always been to manufacture the finest kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to superior standards, and to help all our customers who turn to us for kitchen advice. Since our establishment, we have grown to be a premier cabinet supplier throughout North America, parts of Asia, and Central America.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I make my kitchen look better?” you should give us a call. We have over one-hundred skilled tradespeople, craftspeople, technical specialists, and client care administrators ready to answer your questions and help make your kitchen look amazing!

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