Be Prepared for the Big Day.

Cabinetry installation is complicated, meticulous work. But with a skillful, finishing carpenter at your service, you are well on your way towards experiencing your beautiful, new space.

With a little bit of knowledge and planning, your installation will go according plan. Here are a few items to keep in mind as you prepare for the big day.

  • Your installer(s) begins by carefully unwrapping your new cabinetry and moulding. This can be a significant undertaking, and can take some time.
  • Any appliances or fixtures that sit on the floor should be close by so the installer can move them into their final position.
  • Drawers and doors will be detached from the cabinetry to gain better access to the interior of the cases. Removing them also protects them from dents and scratches. They will be reattached and adjusted later.
  • A cutting station to customize panels and moulding may be required.
  • Your cabinetry will be installed based on the highest point on your floor. This is a critical step. The installer ensures all cabinets are level from this point.
  • Corner cases are usually the first to be placed, but every installer has their own tried-and-true method of installation.
  • The cases will be attached to the wall and to any adjacent cabinetry with screws. Your installer conceals screw heads with cover caps before the job is completed.
  • Once the base cabinetry and pantries are installed, you will be able to have countertops measured for finalized sizes.
  • In the final stages of installation, any molding, accessories, and decorative elements are carefully put in place. Cabinetry putty is used to touch up hairline crevices in moulding mitres resulting in a seamless finish.
  • Your installer then removes tools and cleans-up sawdust and debris to the best of their ability. You likely will want to do a final dusting and wipe down your new cabinetry once the installer has left. He or she may remove packaging materials, and excess wood and supplies if discussed prior to installation.

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