Keeping Life on Track.

It’s true – construction is messy, not glamorous. If you are remaining in your home while the renovation is taking place, it’s safe to say you will experience some inconveniences. While the dust and noise of installation will soon be a distant memory, the tips below will help you persevere through the most arduous stage of your project:

Enduring a bathroom renovation:

  • Plan on using an alternate bathroom in your home. This will allow tradespeople to work without distraction or disruption.
  • If you do not have another restroom, remove any toiletries you use on a day to day basis and store them elsewhere. Remove any towels, soaps, and décor items, as well. Essentially, your bathroom should be as empty as possible, and be used for only brief moments during the day.

Persisting through a kitchen renovation:

  • Create a temporary kitchen. Ideal locations could be your dining room, laundry room, or basement. Even your garage is a possibility. It helps to set up a flat surface, such as a dining room table or a fold-out table. Be sure the area is well ventilated and near an outlet which can support a toaster oven, coffee maker, microwave and a single burner element. Water may be obtained from a nearby sink or bathtub. You’ll be amazed at the meals you can produce in this space!
  • Put your barbeque to work. You will be able to prepare a greater variety of meals on this outdoor appliance, while keeping prep and cleanup to a minimum inside.
  • Use only necessary tools. Make storage and cleanup easy by using the least number of cooking implements and dishes. Plates, utensils, a can opener, a cutting board, a spatula, foil wrap, a frying pan, a pot and garbage bags may be all you need to get you through the renovation.
  • Favor ready-to-eat foods. Now is a good time to make use of any canned or easy-to-prepare foods that might be in your pantry or freezer. Purchasing deli products and healthy frozen meals is a simple solution.
  • Keep refrigerated. Move your refrigerator somewhere safe and dry, either to your living room or garage. Place it on a solid surface and be sure to protect any delicate flooring.
  • Neatness counts. It’s simple, keeping tidy makes living in a temporary, small space much easier. Put your laundry room sink or bathtub to work to clean dishes and utensils.
  • Treat yourself to a meal out. While undergoing a cabinet installation, why not enjoy some meals out. Restaurant dining may be a worthwhile expenditure, since it affords you a break from the noise and activity pervades your home.

A final thought

Because renovation can prove disruptive and uncomfortable, consider staying at a family member’s home, visiting a friend, or going for a short vacation. You will avoid the noise and dust of installation, and when you return, your newly installed cabinetry will be waiting for you to enjoy!

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