Measure, and Reveal the Possibilities.

Every space is unique, with different requirements based on wall size, obstructions, and door and window openings. Even the location of plumbing and electrical can influence the final look of your design. Taking basic measurements helps identify key components within your room, and will assist your designer in learning about you and your space.

Simple steps for Measuring Your Space for Cabinetry:

  1. Begin by drawing a diagram of your space, starting with the walls.
  2. Measure the ceiling height, location and size of windows, all wall lengths, doors and pass-throughs, and obstructions, and carefully record them on the plan. Even the tiniest detail may have significance. Try to record measurements to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. (Your designer will later confirm sizes to the nearest 1/16 of an inch before you order)
  3. Take note of light switches, light fixtures, wall outlets, and plumbing. These objects must be taken into consideration when establishing options for your cabinetry configuration.
  4. It is also helpful to check the ‘squareness’ of your walls by using the basic 3-4-5 rule. First, choose the corner you are going to test. Starting from that corner, measure 3” out on to the left wall, and make a mark. Then, from the corner again measure 4” out on to the right wall, and make a mark. Now, measure the distance between the two marks on diagonal. If the distance is 5”, your corner is square. No room is perfectly square, but corners that are very irregular may require special attention within the design.
  5. Once you have completed your measurements, measure the room once again. The more accurate your information, the easier your space will be to plan.
  6. Now the exciting part – with the rough dimensions of your room in hand, visit your design professional to begin creating your unique space.

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