Picture Perfect Installation.

Along with your design professional, a qualified and skilled cabinetry installer is priceless. They bring your floor plan and elevation drawings to life through their power tools and tape measure. Yet, it’s their attention-to-detail and precise finishing carpentry that leaves a lasting impression on your space. You may ask your contractor to arrange for an installer or you might employ your own tradespeople to do the job. However, often your best resource for skilled craftspeople is your design professional. They can recommend individuals whom they trust to bring their designs and your project to fruition.

When entrusting your cabinetry installation to your designer’s install crew, you can expect:

  • That your designer will likely include installation services in their agreement with you. Doing so simplifies the final leg of your journey towards a well-planned, beautiful space. You won’t need to interview for a suitable individual nor compare quotes from possible candidates.
  • The installer will be familiar with the construction and requirements of the cabinetry your design professional recommends for your project. Every cabinet company fabricates their cabinetry slightly differently, creating specific installation needs.
  • Benefitting from your designer and installer having previously worked together. They will be familiar with one another’s work and practices. Communication between the two likely will be already well-established, streamlining your installation process.
  • Your designer to review any details with the installer ahead of time, and answer questions from the installer from start to finish. He or she will also collaborate with the installer to address any installation-related challenges that may arise.

If you do choose to organize your own labor, here are some suggestions to ensure success:

  • Hiring a professional to undertake your installation is paramount. Interview a number of candidates you feel are qualified, and communicate to them the full scope of the job. Doing so will prevent any elements from being missed on the quote or later when the work is being done. Ask them for references, and if they are licenced. It helps to have bids from at least 3 individuals you can compare. Avoid making your decision based on price alone; evaluate their skills, how detailed their quote is, their ability to communicate effectively, and how long they have been in business.
  • Ask who will be doing the work, how they work around homeowners remaining in the residence while work is being completed, when they can possibly commence the work, and how long it will take to complete the project.
  • Once you’ve chosen a trustworthy candidate, be sure that you have a signed contract outlining details such as the scope of work, payment, and access to your home. Review the payment structure as to how much is to be paid and when. Is there a certain percentage to be paid prior to starting work? Are tear out, disposal, and clean up included? What forms of payment are acceptable? Without a contract, critical information may be missed and the chance of miscommunication increases. Should any amendments arise once work has commenced, have your installation professional draw up a change order that clearly states any modifications to the original contract.
  • During your installation, questions may arise. It’s best for you and your installer to be available to each other during this time. Communication is critical in remaining true to your timeframe and budget.
  • Introduce your installer to your designer, and be sure that they have one another’s contact info, should any design info need clarification.
  • On the rare occasion there may be a dispute, reaching an amicable solution is your best course of action. Working together to identify the issue, own the problem, and find a solution usually ends the disagreement swiftly.
  • A good working relationship begins with you and your installer being clear, honest and courteous to one another.

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