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Contemporary kitchens, cabinetry with clean lines, slab doors and minimalist designs have reigned supreme for quite some time. However, a more traditional look is making a comeback. And this doesn’t mean country-themed wallpaper or formal rooms with over-the-top ornate elements.

“More people are craving something a little more charming. A look that is fresh and modern, but pays homage to traditional style.” says Julie Johnstone, who manages the Product Development department at Merit Kitchens Cabinetry in British Columbia.

With so many beautiful older homes on the West Coast you can achieve this style quite easily and naturally. Merit Kitchens’ key design techniques will help create a space that is sophisticated, modern and comfortable, yet still true to a traditional character home.

Quiet Approach

“Today’s modern take on traditional is thoughtfully pared down, refined, and quiet,” says Johnstone. When incorporating finishing details like mouldings, corbels or paneling, make them subtle by using sparingly.

Opposites Attract

“A modern spin on the look can be achieved through pairing opposite styles while showing restraint,” says Johnstone. When choosing cabinets or cabinet doors, try to combine both traditional and contemporary pieces. For example, you can pair a modern shaker door style with stacked mouldings, a decorative island baseboard, or wood paneled range hoods. If you prefer classic cabinetry door styles you can design the kitchen with today’s popular grey colored tones or contemporary features such as metal chimney hoods to provide a modern edge to your traditional style kitchen or bathroom.

All in The Details

“Details help finish the look,” adds Johnstone. If you have a decorative cabinet door, try a door handle with clean lines. Or, do the reverse if finishing a modern shaker style cabinet; try a traditional handle that has carved detail or an ornate look. The mix of styles creates a fresh contrast and your complete kitchen makeover will be worth your time and effort.

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